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About Hayden Tomas

My name is Hayden Tomas, I am a front-end website developer based in Prestwood, Great Missenden.

I have been creating websites professionally since 2011 although I began much sooner. Those of you old enough to remember software such as Microsoft Frontpage or the very first version of Serif Web Plus will understand the fun and games we had back then!

I remember writing my very first program in basic, granted it was copied from the book that came with my beloved Commodore Plus/4 but what would you expect a 9 year old to write!

So anyway, fast forward to 2011, I got my first website development job, and I am still with that agency to this day.

What I do

I develop websites in WordPress and DNN mostly, however I am extremely interested in developing Jamstack websites. There is something about the speed in which you can build, the security and just how much Jamstack has advanced.

There is nothing you can't build. Static sites now can compete with dynamic websites built in CMS systems such as WordPress, you can even create E-commerce solutions with static site builders such as Astro and Gatsby.

My Skills

Now I do need to be honest about my skills. JavaScript is not my strong point, however I am learning!

Part of the reason why I wanted to build my personal site in AstroJS is because it would force me to learn JavaScript.

Hayden Tomas = Front end website developer

I have spent most of my time creating skins, themes and building sites from scratch. I am the guy you come to when you need a site take from a PSD file or from Figma and turned into a working theme. I am not the guy you come to when you need a piece of functionality built from scratch with a language like JavaScript or Python. Not yet anyway!

So not any particular order, this is my toolset:

Hayden Tomas = Front end website developer
  • HTML (obviously!)
  • CSS and Sass (love that we now have native nesting!)
  • Tailwind (learning this has been fantastic, I have spent alot less time writing sass)
  • JavaScript (It's a work in progress!)
  • WordPress (Love it, Hate it - I prefer to build classic themes with ACF and PineGrow over pagebuilders)
  • DNN (DotNetNuke) - Spenty more than 10 years creating themes and skins. Recently discovered 2SXC which is frikking awesome. It's like advanced custom fields for DNN, sort of!

Other things to note:

  • I use Git to a novice level, enough to get my stuff online, I can push, pull, merge etc.
  • I am comfortable with the terminal on both Mac and PC.
  • I am comfortable working on servers and happy to get my hands dirty, even if I do not know what I am doing. Google is my friend!
  • I am a course junkie and proud of it!
Hayden Tomas = Front end website developer

If you are interested in working with me or hiring me, get in touch! I am reachable through the contact form and will answer you within a day.

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