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27 May 2024 ~ 2 min read

Google Gemini has changed the way I write code 👋

I am not gonna lie, Google Gemini has changed the way I write code

I was quite worried about AI when I first heard about it. In fact there are some elements to it that scare the living crap out of me, like AI used in war or even hospitals, I am not sure if I want to think about that just yet…

However I have spent some time with a few bots which have helped me write better code and solve problems that I couldn’t find the answer to quick enough.

Lately, I have been spending quite a bit of time building my website using AstroJS, a static site generator. I purchased 2 courses on Astro, both which are pretty good but do not answer some questions clearly enough. The instructions can be too quick and it feels like their expectations are that the students already know a fair amount of JavaScript so they do not explain teh concepts well enough.

Enter Google Gemini

I have tried some other AI bots in the past. I gave ChatGPT a test drive back when it was still in version 4.5 and now with the new 4o model. It’s OK but it didnt really gel with me as I tend to ask alot of questions related to coding. I found that chat GPT wasn’t really as consice as I wanted it to be, it didnt give me any explanations as to why it decided to give me the output that it did.

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Hi, I'm Hayden. I'm a front-end website developer based in the UK. You can see some of my work on GitHub, or read more about me on my about page.